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Klosters - Apartment & "Let" Restaurant
Die Sonne

A 4.5 room apartment, guest floor (3 double & 2 single bedrooms), 65 seat full fitted restaurant (let with rent paid)

  • Located in a central and sunny location in the heart of Klosters Platz.

  • The traditional house has been built in a rustic style and fits in well with the village.

  • The property area measures 572 m2.

  • The usable area of the house is approx. 598 m2.

  • The property extends over four floors

  • Fully equipped restaurant with 65 seats. There is also a large kitchen, various storage rooms and an additional intermediate building, stable and extension. 

  • 4-room apartment on the top floor.

  • The ground floor and the first floor are currently rented out and generate income.

  • The property includes 12 outdoor parking spaces                   



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